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Climbers’ Christmas Gift Guide

If you have a climber in your life, you needn’t struggle to find them something they’ll really love.

Beginner Climbers

New climbers most benefit from the basics – climbing shoes, a comfortable harness, a chalk bag and chalk. They may also be keen for you to book them into Climbing 101 or Youth Holiday Clinics.

Improving Climbers

For those who are serious about their training, you can’t go wrong with a hangboard or rock rings, and a forearm trainer for increasing strength and endurance. A finger or forearm massager also helps to relax those sore muscles after a hard session. Tape can also help to protect their hands.

Outdoor Climbers

To start climbing outdoors, you need your personal gear: a helmet, a belay device, carabiners and slings or a PAS. At least one person in the group also needs a rope, quickdraws and a climbing guidebook.

Those who boulder outdoors can use a bouldering mat for protection.

If you know a petite climber (or a particularly large one) Edelrid’s Ohm can make climbing much safer and more comfortable.

If you have a trad climber to buy for, you could buy them a new piece of gear for every birthday and every Christmas for the rest of their life! Cams, nuts, hexes, double ropes, new draws and ‘biners. You name it, they want it!

Too hard?

Our staff are happy to help you select something for your climbing friends or family. If choosing what to buy is still a bit much, you can always buy a Pulse Climbing Gift card.

Happy Christmas shopping!