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climbing basics

Start your climbing journey with a leg up


Designed for anyone who’s new to climbing, Climbing BASICS teaches the fundamentals of rock climbing in a safe and encouraging environment. 


When you book in for Climbing BASICS you’ll automatically receive a FREE 1 month membership, which includes the 10% discount in our gear store and free gear hire during your coached lessons.


$80 for members
$180 for non-members
  • The Essential Warm-Up.
  • Goal setting 1.
  • Footwork 101.
  • Hold types 1.
  • Climbing on different terrain.
  • The Essential Cool-Down.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Hold types 2.
  • Body positioning .
  • Creating and controlling momentum.
  • Gym etiquette.
  • Self-assessment, self-talk, and self-motivation.
  • Goal setting 2.
  • The lessons only falling can teach.
  • Trying hard at your limit.

climbing EXTRAS


Ready to level up your training? Climbing EXTRAS is for you. 


Join us for four coaching sessions over four weeks that are designed for intermediate climbers with at least 6 months climbing experience. It covers:

  • Climbing techniques such as heel/toe hooks and dynos
  • Building endurance and strength
  • How to train safely, both on and off the wall
  • Climbing specific tools including hangboards and pinch blocks
  • Foundational strength and mobility exercises to improve physical fitness and movement control

You’ll be taken through a variety of drills and techniques by our qualified coaches, as well as meet new climbing buddies!

*Gear hire is not included*

 $126 for members
 $144 for non-members

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