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Since 2011, we’ve been on a mission to create spaces where people can move, connect, train, and grow


Our mission starts in our gyms

and reaches far beyond our walls.


Like our passion for climbing, our mission’s always with us.


We take it to the crags where we climb and the cliffs we develop. It’s on the adventures that inspire us and in walls that we build.

Our Mission is why; Pulse Climbing is how.

We’re lucky enough to be able to devote ourselves to building places that use climbing to bring people together.


Pulse Climbing offers top-notch top-ropes at Adamstown and banger bouldering walls everywhere else.


We’ve got all your training facilities, year-round climbing clinics, multidisciplinary climbing training and coaching services for all ages and abilities, regular social nights and community events, and loads more.



Our Values


We’re Home

Our members and guests come from all walks of life, and we cherish them all.
We support each other and we’re proud to brag about our climbing family.
We want Pulse to feel like a second home to everyone who climbs with us and we don’t tolerate behaviour that doesn’t support this.


Stoke. Psych. Froth.

Whatever you call it: we value and reward passion. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a social climber, a certified crusher or a keen-as-a-bean newbie, we’re here to stoke those flames. We nurture and reciprocate the passion, energy, and excitement all of our climbers bring to the gym.

Inspiration / Aspiration

We aspire to inspire

From HQ to the floors of our gyms, we aim to inspire and to be inspired every day. We set value-driven goals, support our staff and community, and achieve success in our sport and everything we set ourselves to.


Nobody sends alone.

Even Alex “No Big Deal” Honnold had help. People encouraged him and his family nurtured (or at least tolerated) him toward his goals. We cooperate to succeed, and at the core of our cooperation is excellent communication.


We love a good problem.

Whether we’re solving problems or putting them up, we aim to innovate by always staying open to learning, embracing challenges as opportunities to grow, and never criticising without offering a solution.


We live by our values

When we don’t, we reflect on why and try to improve. We prioritise the safety of everyone who visits our gyms, we give as much as we receive, we strive to elevate our climbing community, and always aim to have a positive impact on the people around us.


Pulse Climbing Adamstown’s where it all began. Come get your fix of boulder and top-rope climbing then get stocked up on gear in our Climbing Pro Shop!

Check out Adamstown


The Central Coast’s first dedicated bouldering gym. Our community has grown in incredible ways since we moved down here. Pulse Climbing Gosford is home to the Central Coast’s climbing community. They’re as welcoming as they are strong and they would love to meet you. Come on by for a climb and a game of chess!

Check out Gosford

Warners Bay

Pulse Climbing Warners Bay was Newcastle’s first dedicated bouldering gym. These walls have something for everyone, and for the rare few who don’t find a climb they love… there’s ping pong!

Check out Warners Bay


The Hunter Valley’s first dedicated indoor bouldering gym. As perfect for pro-climbers as it is for birthday parties! Climb your fingertips away, have a few laps on the slide, then kick back with a coffee courtesy of Bliss Coffee Roasters, made fresh in house.

Check out Mailtand

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10/122 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown 2289


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8 Grieve Road, West Gosford 2250

Warners Bay

(02) 4023 8498

2a/305 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay 2282


(02) 4030 8320

387 New England highway Rutherford 2320