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You’ll get top-notch top-ropes at Adamstown and banger boulders everywhere else.


Why else should you come for a climb?

climbing's fun

…in its purest form!


It’s creative problem-solving. It’s learning what we can do while exploring what we’re yet to master.


It’s a big room full of yours and your best mates’ laughter as you all fall off a climb you just saw a 6-year-old cruise.


And it’s the joy of finally making it to the top.

climbing's social

…especially indoors! 

Friends seem to multiply in our climbing gyms. Bring one, you’re almost guaranteed to leave with more. 


Climbing is an incredibly inclusive sport, and we’re over the moon that we’re home to such an amazing and encouraging community. 


You might arrive a stranger, but you’ll probably leave one of the fam.


climbing's good for you

…like, REALLY good for you! 


The jury’s been in for a while: exercise is GREAT for your physical and mental health.

If you’re like us, though, and find regular gyms about as much fun as doing your taxes, climbing might be your solution.


It’s an accessible form of full-body exercise. It can be a powerful calisthenic workout. It helps you expand your comfort zone. It helps you sharpen your mind and conquer your fears. It builds your physical and mental strength and endurance.


Okay, fine. It can be a little rough on the skin, but we pride ourselves on our safety standards. 


People who climb regularly report better standards of health and wellbeing than those who don’t. 

Still sceptical? Come give it a try!


Got a question?

You might find an answer for it here!

Our minimum climbing age is 5 years old, no exceptions.
To belay (hold the rope for a climber) you need to be at least 12 years of age.

If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must complete your waiver for you.

No, you don’t need to book! Just turn up for a climb during opening hours.
We take bookings for groups of 10 or more people and for birthday parties.

To climb the rope walls at PC Adamstown, fill out your waiver here, then save time by clicking here to book your Rope Safety Training.

If you are organising a group event, scouts, sporting team, corporate bonding, you can either click here, or give us a call to make a booking:

4023 4743 (Adamstown),

4339 2487 (West Gosford),

4009 1646 (Warners Bay),

4030 8320 (Maitland).

That’s OK, we all started there too, so don’t worry.
We cater for all fitness levels, and offer climbs that are super easy and purpose-built to help new climbers develop their skills, through to outrageously hard routes that will test even the most seasoned pros. Pulse Climbing has the perfect challenge for everyone.

We teach you everything you need to know about staying safe in our gyms, from falling correctly onto our crash mats, to how to use the ropes. Every climber gets a safety induction on their first visit.

Yes. Head to our booking information page here.
The minimum costcost is $260 which includes 10 climbers. Additional climbers are charged at $26 each. Parties run for 2 hours. We decorate our great party room for you, provide a party facilitator to get you started, and supply party bags for everyone as well as giving a gift to the birthday child. Parties are self-catered, and yes, you’re very welcome to get pizzas delivered! Give us a call anytime during opening hours to talk about your options 🙂

No. There is no entry fee for belayers (rope holders), but you will require a harness. If you don’t have your own you can hire one for $6.

YES. There is a discount for groups of 10 or more people.

Details of the group discount prices are available here.

No discount vouchers or coupons can used with group bookings.

If your kids are 12 years or older, as long as you’ve completed a valid waiver for your kids and they adhere to our safety standards,  they can come for a climb without adult supervision. Our staff will always be on hand to assist.

Kids under 12 will need adult supervision at all times. Unless they are taking part in our Youth Clinic, our staff are not able to provide this service, so you’ll have to come with them.

NO. You can climb for as long as you want. As a guide, most people last about two hours.


10/122 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown.


8 Grieve Road, West Gosford.

Warners Bay

305 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay.


387 New England Hwy, Rutherford NSW 2320

get in touch

Please direct all membership inquiries, including cancellations, to the gym where the membership was purchased.

For any marketing, promotions, or advertising inquiries, please contact:


(02) 4023 4743

10/122 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown 2289


(02) 4339 2487

8 Grieve Road, West Gosford 2250

Warners Bay

(02) 4023 8498

2a/305 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay 2282


(02) 4030 8320

387 New England highway Rutherford 2320