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The Social Climbing Comp Rocked!

Last night a bunch of keen climbers headed to Pulse Climbing Adamstown and tested their mettle in our social climbing comp.

First off were the youth climbers! The kids spent an hour and a half climbing as hard as they could. They had some awesome results. The Youth Male winners were: 1st – James Elliot, 2nd – Fletcher Foggo, 3rd – Paul. The Youth Female winners were: 1st – Sophie Urane, 2nd – Zara-Lily MacDonald, 3rd – Mackenzie Earl.

After a delicious BBQ, the adults tried out their paces. The Female winners were: 1st – Bec Winder, 2nd – Caitlin Schokker, 3rd – Nikki Mullan. The male winners were: 1st – 14 year old Charlie Heath, 2nd – Jacob Netherton, 3rd – Ben Schaeffer.






Our friends at Nutrition Warehouse had helped us put together some exciting winner’s goodie bags. The winners also received some fancy fruity trophies. 


Dylan Forbes ran the night – his first time running a comp – and he rose to the occasion splendidly. Look at him!

Thanks to all those who made the night social and fun! We’ll hope to see you all when we host Round 4 of Tour De Corde on 16th June. Later in winter we’ll have our Winter Warmer Boulder Comp too!


Full Comp Results:

Youth Male Youth Female
Name Place Score Name Place Score
Sophie Urane 1 5780 James Elliott 1 5950
Zara-Lily MacDonald 2 4945 Fletcher Foggo 2 4845
Mackenzie Earl 3 4750 Paul 3 4605
Abbie Richards 4 4630 Kalan Black 4 4115
Samarah 5 4250 Jarrah 5 3378
Ella Morrison 6 3805
Chloe Moore 7 3160
Eve Lowder 8 2710
Pia Cross 9 2405

Male Female 
Name Place Score Name Place Score
Charlie Heath 1st 7245 Bec Winder 1st 6740
Jacob Netherton 2nd 7235 Caitlin Schokker 2nd 6585
Ben Schaeffer 3rd 6925 Nikki Mullan 3rd 6370
Marcel Mussett 4th 6905 Maya Heath 4th 6200
Mackenzie Roddenby 5th 6350 Tarnee Osborn 5th 5060