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Summer Psyche

Summer Psyche

Daylight savings sending.

It is time for some Solar powered sending. The days are longer the wet cracks are drying up.

The future of solar energy?

the direct start (First Pitch)to Semi retirement corner (grade 25) is usually dripping wet. JP on the send. Possible 1st repeat.

The direct start (First Pitch)to Semi retirement corner (grade 25) is usually dripping wet. JP on the send. Possible 1st repeat.

Although the sun is the source of all our energy it also can fry us to a crisp. So it helps to have a few tack-tics to deal with the hotter days and finding shade to play in. The days might be longer but time still has a habit of flying faster past ya. So being efficient and prepared is always important all year round. Summer time uses different tools and game plans.

Game plan

This time of year is good for Morning climbing in shaded caves and afternoon climbing on east facing cliffs that allow the afternoon sea breeze to cool the climbing down. Good morning climbing areas are places like the Skate park and Iris Moore park. Up at the bay. Super early morning at monkey face. Or Jolls bridge on the Hawkesbury river up to midday. Bogas cave and Lobster cave are great morning spots on the central coast.

There are many more options for afternoon crags which allow cruisy sleep ins and late starts. Tascott and Point claire are nice afternoon spots on Central Coast. The sea cliffs of Port Stephens area are all well suited afternoon climbing. Most of them face South Eastish and are very close to swimming opportunities.  With daylight savings making sunset later in the day it is quite foreseeable to duck up to the bay after work.

Keith H climbing in a shady corner at treatment plant.

Keith H climbing in a shady corner at treatment plant.

Tim Haasnoot climbing at the Surge near The Slot.

Tim Haasnoot climbing at the Surge near The Slot.

Although our skin is a very good insulator and dose regulate our body temp to a consistent temp all year round.  I find warming the body up takes a lot less time because body temp is already elevated and blood flow increased as well.  Each individual is different, the amount you need to warm up your body is a personal one. Once you understand and observe you body’s habits and signals your can be better spent your energy climbing your intended goals. Hats are important to keep the UV rays off us. Hats also interrupts the heat transfer out and slows down/changes the regulating process of our body. Think of wearing a Beanie in summer, its going to be hot. Use hats that have good air flow through them or keep wetting the hat to help heat transfer. Because every climber is hot and they need to be aware of that fact.

Every climber is hot...

A very important part of your body that needs to warm up and get into climbing mode, is your head which holds your brain the most important climbing muscle of them all.

Hot head

That’s why climbing a few climbs below you top level is beneficial to help get into swing of things. Get use to success. Get addicted to completion of the climb and not just bounce around and fall off all of the time. Putting your thinking cap on literally will warm your head up.

How to stay strong over the summer period.

Not only do you need a strong body to climb well. A strong mind and will is very important. The Mind also needs stimulating and training. It’s a matter of climbing smarter not so much stronger throughout the warmer times. When you are stressed you palms get sweaty and makes holding on the holds harder than normal. Staying relaxed and keeping safe should reduce the stress levels and reduce the sweaty palms occurrence. Liquid chalk is a great friend of mine on hotter sweat filled days. All the hard work that you put in at Pulse throughout the year needs to be maintained.

Train power over summer

Short power climbing wont get you as hot and bothered as long endurance climbs that get you sweating a lot. Bouldering is a lot of fun during the hotter days, close to the water. After a few climbs you can duck off for a cool down swim. Or crush out on the crash mats. Then go for a few more climbs. Bouldering indoors is out of the sun and close to the industrial strength fans at Pulse. After every boulder problem you can lather yourself with sensuous breeze from the friendly fan. Next to the fridge stocked with chilled beverages. Outside for the committed, carrying in an Esky to the climbing area choked with iced and cold not so sugar filled drinks adds to the fun around the sun and gives a holiday sensation, Fun friends and Hard rock adds to a great day.

The middle of the day is generally the hottest part. It becomes a great time for lunch and refuelling . Half time in the shade, chatting n chilling in a hammock reading a Rock climbing magazine or Pulse Climbings online blogs on a semi smart phone.


Keeping your body hydrated is important for muscles as well. Your bulging muscles need fluid to help the electrical impulses fire properly so to insure you have your maximum crankability. Your body is made up of mostly  water, Adult males are 60 percent water, women are 50 percent water, and seniors usually have the lowest body water proportion, at 45 percent. That’s why if you are dehydrated you start feeling like a senior feels the morning after pension day.

Drink plenty of water wile climbing over summer
Its recommended to drink over 2 litres a day if you active. Climbing is really active.

Night time sessions with gas lanterns. With today’s technology, bike lights and LED torches are more then sufficient. The afternoons and early evenings are often cooler times to climb in. And are more socially acceptable activities compared to watching TV.

Jay Light Savings Times

I far as climbing goes I reckon daylight savings does follow through far enough with the right ideaSummer time at about 6.30pm Eastern Standard time that the temp gets right to send( climb without falling off). By then everybody is usually waisted, tired and wants to go home to their mummy’s. Instead of half heartedly giving a single hour to the cause of fully making the most of the day. To really save day light for important things like climbing. The clock needs to be  put forward 2hrs so the sending time would be 4.30pm-5.00pm. Then there would be plenty of time to get home and watch Neighbours at their Home while Away.

One draw back to this plan is the surf is usually the best a little after sun rise 5.30am daylight savings time. So this new JP time would bring sunrise to 4.30am. Giving 12hrs between sending time and surfing time. 2 hrs of travelling time.  1hr packing food, eating breakfast and dinner, ½ hr integrating with the outside world. ½ hr news or reading, ½ hr house work, ½ hr in between stuff.  still leaves 8 hrs for sleeping. Try to eliminate waisted time and slothing around.


If you get more then 8 hrs sleep then your hair starts growing in different directions like a sloth. (A sloth spends most of its time hanging upside down so its hair grows in a down would direction so the rain runs off the sloth.) So it is important in the name of Human Hair style that we don’t sleep to much. Siestas are acceptable.

 Other Tips

Keep shoes out of the sun and heat of the car. You wouldn’t leave kids in the car.!!! On a hot day. Climbing shoes are just as precious.

Keep hands dry while climbing with them. But wash chalk off at the end of the day. It’s a fine line between tough hands and dry n brittle hands.

Deep water Soloing ( DWS)

DWS is a great compromise between Climbing, Bouldering and Swimming. I don’t think there is anything else? Is there??

JP taking the leap of faith onto Nuerotic Neptune 23

JP taking the leap of faith onto Nuerotic Neptune 23

Remember!  YOU control your own PYSCHE  not other people. Climbing during summer strengthen your will and makes you a better overall climber, dealing with different climbing climates, while climbing with different climbing mates. Summer is our friend get use to it