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The Ultimate Killer Python

How to rate your Killer Python

(Disclaimer: There is some colourful language in this article!!)

People often ask me how to choose the right killer python (KP). It has since occurred to me that a grading scale is needed to classify each individual killer python and allow a buyer to choose the right python for them. The grading scale is subjective as most are, as some people prefer different colours to others. So it is for this reason that the grading scale is more used to classify each KP and place it into a category which can then be easily referred to when bragging to your friends about that awesome A2 – (A2 negative) you found on the weekend.

To grade the KP’s we divide the colours into two groups, one group containing red/blue/purple and the other orange/green/yellow. These groups are known as the desirables and undesirables respectively. A prefix of ‘A’ is placed at the start of the grade, the meaning of the ’A‘ remains unknown however some speculate that it stands for Allen, or awesome though its true meaning has been lost through the ages. The number following the ‘A’ represents the number of undesirable colours found on each KP and the positive or negative sign following the number represents weather the head is a desirable or not. Negative for desirable colour and positive for undesirable colour. Confused? Lets look at some examples to make it clearer…

The search for the ultimate Killer Python

Two pythons can be seen in the above image, there colours are as follows starting from the head;

Green – Blue – Yellow – Orange – Red – Blue   (A3+)

Red – Orange – Red – Purple – Green – yellow – Green   (A4 – )


Killer Python News;

Breaking news from Sydney today. A killer python with 4 red sections and 2 blue sections was discovered, being hailed by thousands of followers as the most miraculous event of the millennium. This has shocked the community and forced followers to divide, those who believe it is an act of god and those who believe it is a hoax. This killer python is an A0- on the grading scale and represents the holy grail of killer pythons. Men have searched their whole lives just to see one only to fall short by 1 ‘shit’ bit to ruin the KP.

For a more descriptive view of the killer pythons see below;



Article by Michael Tonon

Assistant KP researcher Benjamin “the big red dog” Clifford