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Winter Warmer Boulder Series – Round 1 Update

What an awesome turnout for round 1 of the Winter Warmer Boulder Series on Monday night! A big congrats to all those that entered, competition is fierce and the fundraising for the The School of St.Jude along with Challenge Tom is building.

Round 2 is next week on Monday 15 August starting at 6:30pm, see you all then.


Round 1 Points

Masters (Male)

David Stayte 695
Tony Kiernan 564

Open A (Male)

Ben Schaeffer 701
Charlie Champion de Crespigny 692
Josh Versluis 690
Simeon Hill 688
Josh Gray 666
Jacob Netherton 637
Callan Jordan 629
John Kavanagh 480

Open A (Female)

Maurtie Feenstra 589
Melinda Beecroft 585

Open B (Male)

Jonah Kennedy 591
Joe Roberts 587
Nate Wellburn 552
Lach Craggs 552
Rowan Gazzard 546

Open B (Female)

Frankie Paterson 611

Open C (Male)

Shannon Fenn 426
Coralie Epstein 113 

Youth A (Female)

Britta Meany 470
Fallon Crowe 427