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Tour De Corde is coming to Newcastle!!!

Pulse Climbing is super-pumped to host Round 4 of Tour de Corde next Saturday the 16th June!

Tour de Corde has already been to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, Climbfit and Hangdog in Wollongong, and now it’s our turn!

The 2018 NSW Tour de Corde Series is a regional competition series designed to promote participation, enjoyment, skills and fitness levels in climbers. It’s great fun whatever your climbing level.

There are fantastic overall series prizes and also tonnes of lucky door prizes.

You can download the info pack for the comp here: 2018-TDC-Info-Pack

Public Climbing

We are open to the public as usual from 10 AM – 2 PM. Members of the general public will not be permitted to climb after 2 PM, although everyone is welcome to come along, watch, and provide encouragement and support for our local climbers.

Tour de Corde – Youth Categories

There are 5 Youth categories:

  • Youth A – for those born in 2001/2002
  • Youth B – born 2003/2004
  • Youth C – born 2005/2006
  • Youth D – born 2007/2008
  • Youth E – born after 2008.

Youth climbing starts at 2.00 PM and goes for 2 hours (except for Youth E, who have one hour to climb).

Tour de Corde – Adult Categories

Adults can compete in Open, Intermediate, Rookie, Masters or Pumper categories. Adults get 2.5 hours of climbing time.


To be a part of competition climbing in Australia, you need to sign up with Sport Climbing Australia. This will set you back $20. State Membership of Sport Climbing Australia allows you to participate in all NSW climbing competitions held this calendar year.

Then all you need to do on the day is rock up and pay your $30 entry fee ($10 for Youth E) and have a blast!