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Southerly climbing

Written by Tom Hodgson

Over the weekend a group of Pulse Climbing crushers from both Adamstown and Gosford joined us for round 3 of Tour De Corde down in Wollongong. It’s always fun to get the opportunity to go and visit other gyms and connect with other climbers around NSW.

We managed to have our team get a place in most categories, congratulations to:
Aiden Dungey – 3rd place Male Youth A
Tom Mitchell – 3rd place Male Open B
Ksenia Teliatnikova – 3rd place Women Open B
Jason Piper – 2nd place Masters

The next Tour De Corde is held by us, on the 16th of June! So come along to Pulse Climbing Adamstown and enjoy the casual competition atmosphere and challenge yourself.

Along with Tour De Corde the team headed down to one of our favourite crags: Thompson’s Point – Nowra.
With incredible weather, and a full crag, the team had a cruisey day. We climbed many of classics and pushed ourselves to try some harder grades!
Some of our favourites from the day:

Barbie Twins (16)
Vanderholics (18)
Killer Boas (22)
Lick The Pig (21)
Je Baise Ma Frainge (21)
Diddy Kong Direct (20)

If you’re keen to try some of these classic lines, our next members’ climbing weekend is the June long weekend, in Nowra again!

Photos show: 1. Joey Avia climbing/Tom Hodgson belaying; 2. Ksenia Teliatnikova climbing; 3. Aidan Dungey climbing.

Tom Mitchell is the climber in the blog header photo.