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Disability and Youth Work Industry Night

Marie-Eve from the Rainbow Clinic at Charlestown knows all about Pokemon. She is an occupational therapist who specialises in helping kids. Most fortnights, she and her team bring in a bunch of kids for a group therapy session at Pulse Climbing Adamstown.

The sessions (which do seem to contain an inordinate amount of Pokemon) help the kids to develop gross and fine motor skills, general and hand strength, confidence and the ability to work as part of a group. Climbing games and challenges keep the kids interested and gets them working their muscles and extending their abilities.

Marie-Eve says  “I love going to Pulse with my clients, both young and teenagers! It’s great to see them boost their self-esteem, develop social skills and increase their strength, coordination and motor skills in general… while having fun!

The staff is always lovely, caring and helpful as well which adds to make it a pleasant experience every single time.”

Marie-Eve isn’t the only health professional who brings in her clients; we have a few physios and some youth workers who come in as part of their job. Some of our customers with disabilities also bring along their carers when they come in for a climb.

We appreciate the great work and dedication displayed by the youth workers, carers and others who look after the young and vulnerable and those with disabilities. Pulse Climbing wants to give something back to these hard-working folk, so this Friday 23rd February we are hosting a Disability and Youth-work Industry Night. Those who work in the industry are entitled to $5 entry and 10% off everything in our gear store. We just ask them to RSVP beforehand, so we know who to expect.

If you know anyone who may be interested in coming, please invite them for us!