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Reel Rock Tour 2011

Reel Rock Tour 2011

Friday October 28th, 7pm. At The Grove, 130 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown.
Tickets $10 available from Pulse Climbing and Adventure 195 or $12 at the door.

Sender Films and Big UP Productions are bringing audiences a mind-blowing, palm-sweating pump-fest of climbing flicks for the 6th annual REEL ROCK Film Tour. We’ve gathered the wildest climbing stories from around the globe: The legendary race for The Nose speed record; A nine year old bouldering prodigy; Tommy Caldwell’s efforts on the hardest big wall free climb; A crazed high-lining champion; The most insane ice climbing action ever and more. It’s all part of the cinematic tour de force that is REEL ROCK VI.