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My yoga journey started in a climbing gym

Hello Pulse Climbing Friends, I am Sonia, yoga teacher leading a class at Pulse Climbing Newcastle on Thursday mornings. I have been loving it and just felt to share my story to maybe inspire some of you to come and join us.

Back in 2007 A friend came into my work… ‘The Forum climbing gym’ at the uni, he had just discovered yoga and was incredibly happy about it, he showed me a yoga hip opening stretch. Having done gymnastics my whole childhood I knew many stretches but not this one…. It was the one where you cross one foot over your knee and bend forwards…. Oh it felt so good. My glutes needed that stretch badly. I was inspired and this is where I decided I’d give Yoga a go. Thank you to my friend for being so persuasive. I began with Ashtanga… my body loved it, and it became a Monday evening ritual. In 2011, I went to woodford folk festival, and I found partner yoga was on the program, I was really excited for this new experience. It was my highlight. Gwyn Williams was the teacher…. 6 years later and I am still studying and working with him. I did his therapist training in 2013 which took a year, his yoga teaching training in 2014 and I seem to travel up to the sunshine coast about twice a year to connect and do some more training. He co-founded Zenthai Shiatsu, which is a movement based bodywork drawing from zen shiatsu, thai massage and osteopathic techniques. He also is a yoga teacher, and acro yoga teacher, and also a teacher of eastern philosophy (he magically interweaves them all together in one). Best teacher I ever had!

At Pulse I design a flow with a focus on movements that will help improve climbing and strength particularly for the wrists, hands, arms and core as well as integrating balancing postures, hip openers and leg stretches. The 5 elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) and meridian pathways are also utilized. All married with the simplicity of the breath, bringing you into the here and now. Sometimes I include some partner work and acro too.

The last three classes have focused on an element each, we have done the earth, metal and water elements which means next week is the wood element. The season Spring is associated with this element, it helps to detox, so it is like a internal spring clean and like a seedling sprouting into action it helps us to take action and get things done. If you have been feeling a bit unmotivated lately it will be perfect, just gotta get yourself there. Your welcome whatever level of experience you have. When I am not available I get a qualified and passionate yoga teacher to cover for me.

Sonia leads yoga classes at Pulse Climbing Newcastle on Thursdays at 7am

Look forward to seeing you sometime soon…