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Pulse Pump Week – 10-14th Feb

The competition calendar is starting to take shape for this year, so it’s time to dust off those forearms and start cranking. To get used to the competition format and for a bit of training we bring you The Pulse Pump Week.

From Monday to Friday (10-14th February) take as many shots as like to get your highest score. Choose from either hardest 8 climbs or pumper and tally up your climbs over a 90 minute period.

You can have as many sessions as you like over the week to pace yourself and come in a few times to beat your last score.



How it works:

  1. Select your group
    1. Kids 6 -12 years
    2. Youth 13 – 16
    3. Open 17 years+
  2. Select your category
    1. Hardest 8 Climbs
    2. Pumper (As many climbs as you can do)
  3. Grab a score sheet
  4. Start your climbing session
  5. Tick off all the climbs you complete during your session
  6. Tally up your points and hand in your score sheet at the end of your session


  1. A session lasts for 90 minutes.
  2. You can pick any time during the week to start a session, just ask the staff for a score sheet.
  3. Your session will begin 15 minutes after your receive the score sheet from staff.
  4. You can have as many sessions as you like during the week, pick your best score.
  5. There is no extra cost to take part (just your normal entry fee).