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Hunter Climbing Comp Round 1 Results

Congratulations everyone who came down and braved the rain this afternoon. The first round of the Hunter Climbing Comp went great, everyone left with a belly full of snags and some tired arms, and few lucky ones went home with some great lucky door prizes.

The results are below, and the next round is coming up on the 23rd of March, and don’t forget the next Tour de Corde is at the Northern Beaches Rock House on March 16th.

Male/Female Category Event Name Total
F 11-16yrs Pumper Sam 17,450
F 6-10yrs Pumper Scarlett 5,100
Estelle 3,750
F Open Advanced Hardest 8 Bek L 6,525
F Open Novice Hardest 8 Georgia M 5,050
M 11-16yrs Pumper Matt G 6,200
Ethan G 3,050
M 6-10yrs Pumper Declan M 8,000
M Open Advanced Hardest 8 Jon A 7,125
Ryan B 7,025
M Open Novice Pumper Michael L 34,850
Aaron S 22,250
Conrad dV 20,925
Jordan M 13,425
Chris Z 10,500
M Hardest 8 Joel G 5,525
Rob T 5,100