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Mandala Raffle

In conjunction with the “Evening in the Himalaya” we have an amazing prize which we are raffling off this week. To help raise money for the Blue Dragon Climbing Club in Darjeeling, the club has donated a Mandala.


Mandala literally means circle and is a tantric meditation device. It is a visual aid for concentration and introvert meditation leading to the attainment of insight and also for activation of forces culminating in ‘siddhi’ supernatural forces. The Mandala is the graphic representation of this process. It is not only theoretical but also practical as an operational scheme involving a clear plan for practical realisation of the process within oneself.

Raffle tickets are on sale now for $5 each, and will also be available on the Thursday evening. It’s a great cause to help raise money for, and an amazing prize.

If you can’t wait till Thursday for something interesting, how about Lisa Rands climbing ‘The Mandala V12’.