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Inter-school competition wrap up

Inter-school competition wrap up

The competition has wrapped up for this term just as the heat rolled in. The last weeks school sport sessions were frantic with three school’s still jostling to take out the number one spot. Cardiff High were clear leaders going into the final week, but they could still be beaten with an outstanding performance, of which the kids are definitely capable.

After posting a solid 2,446.43 in their last effort, Cardiff were in good shape to hold out their Friday morning nemesis Callaghan College Wallsend. CCW had a strangle hold on the competition in the early weeks, clearly leading the pack after the first three weeks. A couple of weeks of lounging on the bouldering mats, eating muffins and status updates on smartphones saw them drop the top spot to Cardiff. Still close after the penultimate week, it came down to the final afternoon of school sport competition to come up with a winner. A valiant effort saw CCW post the highest weekly score of the competition (4,297.50), but it wasn’t enough close the gap to Cardiff High.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to the team from Cardiff High School on taking out the inter-school competition for this term. Consistency really does pay off in the end!

Cardiff High – 14,276.52

Callaghan Wallsend – 13,276.77

Merewether High – 10,491.23

St. Pius – 10,606.22

Kotara High – 8,154.33

St. Marys – 6,035.74