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SBC Final Results

Social Boulder Comp Final results

Another huge effort setting new boulders spiced things up for the finals. The extra points for flashing problems provided that little bit extra incentive the climbers needed to send.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Under 16 Male

Ben Abel 6960
Chris Brown 5760
Lachlan B 5510
Matthew Blore 4190

Novice Females

Kate Wright 5350

Intermediate Females

Lauren Haasnoot 6530
Michi E 6490
Melina 6460

Novice Males

Jon Chao 6070
Wes Jones 5890
Chris Zaia 5420

Intermediate Males

Fredrick Schaffer 7680
Jimmy Mullan 7670
B.J. 7140
Jon Ash 6290

Crusher Males

Pete Tosen 9220

Weld done everyone! And well done to the winners of each category who scored themselves a $100 gift voucher for Adventure 195. You can pick them up at Pulse NOW!