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Crimping ain’t easy

By Chris Neal – Physiotherapist “The load of the finger (A2 Pulley) in a Crimp grip is 36 times that […]

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Hangboarding Let me begin this article by saying the ideas discussed within I have picked up over the years and […]

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Focusing Climbing is so addictive, partly due to the fact that you see continual progression, at least in the first […]

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Record keeping for YOUR benefit

Record Keeping can benefit all of us We all have to start somewhere, it’s that frustrating time where you see […]

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Motivation and you!

Motivation and you! It happens to us all. We organise to go climbing for the weekend with a mate, everything […]

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Getting Pumped – An exercise physiologists perspective

Getting Pumped It happens to everyone, you’re three quarters of the way up a stellar line, the anchors are in […]

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