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Kotara High wins the Inter-School Competition

After a term of intense competition, Kotara High won Term Four of the Inter-School Climbing Competition. They get to take home the awesome perpetual trophy that you can see in the picture.

Merewether High won second place and St Pius’ efforts won them third place.

Before the final week of competition, only 84 points separated Kotara High and Merewether High. Merewether then put in a serious effort and reduced Kotara’s lead, but not by enough to win.

There’s long-running rivalry between Kotara and Merewether High Schools. This year they both won two terms of the schools comp. In 2016, Kotara won the comp for three terms, with Merewether winning in 4th term. It’ll be interesting to see who takes out the competition next year.

Kotara High benefits from the enthusiasm and experience of their teachers, especially Pulse Climbing member Mr Blackmore. They also have our staff member and hard-core climber Xanthea Vazey as part of their team. It’s amazing how much difference a few super-motivated people can make to a team!

Congratulations to all the schools and students who took part in the competition this term.