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Eagle Rock – A Trip of Firsts

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About two weeks ago Jason Piper took a bunch of Pulse regulars and staff for an ultimate weekend away climbing on the central coast at a crag called Eagle Rock. It is quite an intriguing and isolated place that you have to travel to via boat so we decided to make the most of it and camp the night in the massive Eagle Rock cave.

We met at the water taxi jetty not far from the train station and caught the water taxi together while Matt and Dave canoed across to the crag. After a short journey in the boat we arrived. There’s a few big rocks to hop across and a ring bolt in the rock to secure the boats to. After we unpacked and hauled all the gear up to the second level of the cave we set up camp. After awhile we had 3 hammocks set up and the rest of camp was looking good so it was time for the real action and we geared up for a climb.

DSC_1197It was a weekend of many firsts! My first time cave camping, first time climbing in the central coast and over the following two days I experienced some of the best climbing I’ve yet laid my hands on. Eagle rock lives up to its name, as the actual “beak” of the overhang looks from the side and below like an eagle coming out of the Cliff side. It has heaps of interesting problems and formations as well as many different styles of climbing and gear placement. It was great to be immersed in such an extraordinary environment!

At night, the group of about 10, gathered around the stone stacked barbecue and camp-fire and had a plethora of kangaroo, sausages, corn on the cob, sweet potato and potatoes. I didn’t really need to bring dinner after all!

The weekend was one I’ll never forget and as far as climbing goes I was in awe of the entire place, there was so much the rock had to offer and I barely scratched the surface! Itching to go back!

Dylan Forbes

Senior Climbing Instructor at Pulse Climbing