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Climbing Training – 5 steps to getting on the wagon

Sooo, holidays were good. But, now I’m a big fat, fatty and motivation is running loooooow. What to do, what to do.


Never admit how bad it is, “surely it’s not that bad I can still crank”. First night back on the boulder wall is a rude shock to the system and rules that out entirely. My arms were fatigued stumps for the next week.

Doesn’t matter, they’ve starting setting “weird” while I was away, “these new problems aren’t my style!” After the boys set routes next everything will click again, maybe I’ll just go jogging for a few weeks….


Bugger this running is boring, I want to climb. I swear I was born in the wrong body. I know, I’ll lace my attempts at training with expletives and begin blaming everyone else. Yep that should help…


Ok body, look I’ll do you a deal. If you allow me a full training session, I’ll feed you a nice meal after, how bout a giant wagon wheel?

Huge wagon wheel


This is never going to happen. I should probably just give up climbing. I’ll take up couch sitting, beer drinking and some no committal team sports. Sounds like an enticing way to spend a weekend.

So I wallow around at home for a weekend, telling myself that the house “needs work”, it doesn’t, the weather is perfect, by Sunday night I feel like I’ve utterly wasted a great weekend.


This guy can do it (what a champion!) guess it’s time to just get out and enjoy the basics again. Go climbing again.

So I head out get a lung full of fresh air, and just have a day climbing easy stuff.

I onsight some things I’ve never done and send some old classics I haven’t done in ages. Leave the crag with a big grin on my face.

Yep I still love climbing. OK, I’m back on the wagon. Training in the gym on Tuesday 🙂

P.s. coming off the wagon like below is ok!