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Patagonia Dreaming Part 1

The word PATAGONIA is most often these days associated with a outdoor clothing company brand. But more importantly and in the real world, Patagonia is an Outdoor enthusiasts dream destination and more importantly again Patagonia is a Climbers Alpine wonderland. Located on the southern section of the Andes mountain range, A geological phenomenon in own right. In the Southern part of Argentina, South America. Super Granite spires that rocket up towards the sky in Los Glaciares National Park.

“Patagonia! Now  that is a place I want to climb in/at/on/around one day. Hmm one day. When is that one day going to happen”? ………… Tick Tock Tick Tock………….

When I heard that a friend,Vanessa Wills was going to be coming back from An Antarctic expedition and is interested in travelling to Patagonia since it is located on the journey back.

There were plans for sport climbing in Spain that year. But Patagonia!!!!!!!!

Spain sounds lame compared to Patagonia. Spain is some place that sounds easy to get to and get around clip bolts, climb in board shorts, Watch world class climbers dyno to one finger monos. Watch fit young ladies in sporting attire  hanging upside down from kneebars.

Haaa! Spain.

Patagonia looks way different. Hmmm!

what was I thinking.

I was thinking that youth is slowly slipping away (SLOWLY)! and a Spain climbing trip could be accomplished at any age. And fit young sport climbers are only going to get fitter as time goes on.

Mature people carrying heavy hiking packs up long valleys across endless amounts of scree( AHHHHRRR!!!! SCREEEEEE!!!!!)( Scree is loose rock that has fallen off mountains/ Hill sides forms piles for miles).

Then across slippery Iced Glaciers. and across Scree covered Glaciers (AHHHHH!!!!! SCREE!!!!!) then Ice and then more scree. Until we reach a base camp. A flat section on the Torre Glacier and finer grain of… guess what more scree.

Mature people should now better.

Mature people should know that Sport climbing in Spain is going to be easier than Alpine climbing in Patagonia. True climbers never pick the easiest option. True climbers are a little askew. The challenge gives character. The ones with the character are people able to rise to the challenge. Patagonia has the some of the most unique character of the worlds climbing destinations. The jagged peaks of the granite massifs are some of the most striking and inspiring in the world.

Bring it on!!! Spain is for the retirees.

So after a whole bunch of training running up and down Mereweather steps and up and down Red Head sand dunes. I under went a 14hr toddler appreciating international flight to Buenos Aires and connecting flight down south of Argentina  to El Calafate, on an infant infected internal flight.

baby on board


Meet up with the Australian Hunter Valleys contingency, Vanessa Wills and Dave Grey (Allen). With myself (Jason Piper) making the mature team of three to take on the Patagonia experience.

Knowing very little of what to expect or how we would go. We would just Go for it in true Aussie style. Getting a few tips from cyber space and a few friends that have been there before. We caught a bus from El Calafate 3hrs to the town of El Chalten. Condoor wall and Cerro Torre and Fitzroy in the back ground. It was still difficult to get and idea of the scale of the place.


Stay tuned for Patagonia Dreaming Part 2