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Make a movie, be a star

Movie Competition

Everyone at Pulse loves to climb! Obviously.

But we really like to climb at the great local crags around Newcastle and the Hunter. There is such a diversity of rock types, steepness, grades, trad, sport and bouldering. We want to showcase this diversity through short films. The content is up to you (as long as it’s clean!), you can have lots of hard climbing or no climbing at all. It could be a short documentary on a crag you love or a tongue in cheek tour of the best pre-climb bakeries.

Keep it fun because you are judging yourselves!
Films must be 1 – 5 minutes long, but don’t worry too much about editing just get it up there! Once your film is ready for the world, post it on our facebook page here.
Now it’s up to the public. Get your friends to like Pulse Climbing, then like your video. The film with the most likes before the Reel Rock Tour wins!

Entries close on Monday October 24th and the winner will be announced at the Reel Rock Tour on October 28th.

We will be giving away a bunch of prizes to the entrants, with the winner getting a waterproof and shock resistant mini digital video camera. So get filming!

Until the Pulse team gets out to film some local rock, here is one we prepared earlier to get the creative juices flowing.