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Tour de Corde

Well it’s been a while since we’ve posted but it’s been even longer since there has been a climbing comp in Newcastle. So we thought it was about time to stretch the finger tendons and get typing. The Tour De Corde has been a “Sydney” comp for the past few years but in 2011 it has stretched along the coast to Wollongong and Newcastle. The comp is a great format that gets everyone involved.

There will be male and female categories in:
• Open A – higher level Open climbers
• Open B – climbers climbing up grade 24 (male) and grade 22 (female)
• Open C – climbers climbing up grade 20 (male and female)
• Pumper – open to all climbers
• Legends – born 1961 and before
• Youth A – born 1994/1995
• Youth B – born 1996/1997
• Youth C – born 1998/1999
• Youth D – born 2000 or after

The event will be a two and a half hour pumpfest for Open, Pumper and Legends categories and a two hour pumpfest for Youth categories.

The Pulse Climbing leg of the tour will take place on April 30th

The entry fee for all competitors is $20.

For more info on the Tour de Corde check out

In the meantime, get down to Pulse for some training!!