Climbing 202 Course @ Adamstown


Advanced Climbing four week course encapsulates the techniques, tips and tricks of elevating your climbing to the next level.

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Wishing you could climb harder or train smarter? Getting frustrated by a lack of progress in your climbing? Then this course is for you!


Over the course of four weekly small group training sessions, gain the following benefits:

  • Training tips and tricks
  • Personalised climbing advice
  • Motivational assistance
  • A written personal climbing training program to keep you improving even after the course ends.


All of our gyms regularly run these courses.


Once a week for four weeks, usually 6.30-8:00PM on a weeknight. Call or email us to find out upcoming dates.


$180 for the four-week course ($80 for members).

This includes:

  • UNLIMITED FREE ENTRY for the whole month of your course
  • Free gear hire if required (for your course sessions only)
  • Expert tuition from our friendly staff
  • Plus 10% off our store for the whole month of your course
  • A written personalised climbing training program


Do I need to come with a partner?

No. As well as being a great way to improve your climbing, this course is also a great way to meet new climbing friends!

How well do I need to climb?

If you are an absolute beginner, our climbing 101 course will be more suited to you. The Advanced Climbing Course is targeted at those with some level of climbing experience who want to kickstart their climbing improvement.

Is it suitable for kids?

Kids are most welcome to take part in the course, but our Youth Clinics may be more suitable.

Additional information

Start Date

August 5th (+Thursdays 12th, 19th, 26th). 6.30-8.00PM,