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A touch of history… With Managing Director, Scott Forrester 

A touch of history…

With Managing Director, Scott Forrester

The first contrsuction of the walls at Adamstown 2010/2011

Scott showing us how it’s done – 2020. 

Q&A with Scott: 

How was the idea of Pulse Climbing first born?  Tell us a little about the history of the gym we love so much…

Pulse Climbing was born when 4 local Newcastle/Hunter climbers wanted to create a climbing gym for Newcastle. There wasn’t a commercial climbing gym in the Hunter at the time and no real central place for the climbing community to climb indoors, train and get to know other people interested in climbing.

Our collective love of climbing and the climbing community in general was without a doubt the driving force behind the inception of Pulse Climbing.
10 years on nothing has changed.

What is your favourite thing about our community today?

The awesome people and their love for climbing make the community what it is. This is the same today as it was 10 years ago, except there is now a bunch more people to help create the welcoming and encouraging vibe you experience when visiting a Pulse gym.

What would you tell people who are a little nervous about starting climbing, or have never tried it before? 

Everyone was a beginner once 🙂 The climbing community is extremely welcoming, diverse and encouraging which makes for a positive introduction for new climbers. The best thing about climbing is that it doesn’t matter what level you climb at. A beginner climber working out the moves on the easiest climb in the gym is essentially having the same experience, emotions, failures, achievements and sense of satisfaction that the most experienced and strongest climber is having while they work on their latest project.

Any messages to amazing members and staff who have stayed loyal to Pulse throughout the past decade? Especially during a difficult lock-down year last year? 

All the staff and members really are the heart of Pulse Climbing – without your enthusiasm, psych for climbing and welcoming ways our community couldn’t be what it is. A special shoutout to the management team – Jase, Chris, Lou, Joey and Sophie – thank you so much for your time, hard work and dedication which has made Pulse Climbing what it is today!

Adamstown Manager Jason Piper, photo by Jake Buchan

So we are 10 years down! Where do you see Pulse going in the next decade ahead?

Pulse Climbing will keep working hard to make climbing accessible to more people in new areas over the next decade. On the immediate horizon we have a DA submitted for our biggest bouldering gym yet in the Maitland area which is due to open this year. We have also just completed concept designs for a huge full service international competition standard facility in Newcastle – this gym will have lead, speed, boulder, fitness gym, kids area and a cafe/bar. Developing a facility like this for our community has been a dream and I can’t wait to share more details as it moves forward.

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From all of us at Pulse Climbing, thanks for being here!
Now let’s party…

Sophie TurnerA touch of history… With Managing Director, Scott Forrester